For decades, Shinan Varasteh had studied several different styles of martial arts under the influence of Sensei Kori Hisataka.  Shinan’s aim was to create a style with no limitations - no weak points. It was in 1968, in Iran, that the birth of Kan-Zen-Ryu was founded by Shinan Varasteh. Kan-Zen-Ryu is essentially the evolution and synthesis of three main karate styles: Shorinji Ryu - founded by Kori Hisataka; Wado-Ryu - founded by H. Ohtsuka; and Go-Jyu-Ryu - founded by G. Yamaguchi. Shorinji Ryu emphasizes the practical aspects of karate. It entails full contact Kumite which requires wearing kendo armour and no protective equipment. This style necessitates very good development and use of contact points. Wado-Ryu requires fluidity and use of lateral motions in defence. Go-Jyu-Ryu emphasizes speed and mobility. It's the combination of these three styles that makes Kan-Zen-Ryu truly unique and special.