During the time that Kan-Zen-Ryu was developed, Shinan Varaseth had studied different styles of martial arts styles for decades. His aim was to create a style with no limitations, no weak points. Kan-Zen-Ryu is essentially the evolution and synthesis of: Shorinji Ryu (Kori Hisataka) because of its emphasis on the pratical aspects of Karate. Full contact Kumite - wearing of Kendo armour - and no wearing of protective equipment necessitates very good development of and use of proper contact points. Shinan was a student of Sensei Hisataka. Wado-Ryu (H.Ohtsuka) because of the fluidity and use of lateral motions in defense, Go-Jyu-Ryu (G.Yamaguchi) because of it’s emphasis on speed and mobility. Kan-Zen-Ryu was founded in Iran in 1968. The style is based on a very systematic categorization of offensive-defensive techniques and tactics.